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The Lyra Harp Guitar

lyra-harp-guitarThe Lyra harp guitar is inspired by William Eaton who built the original Lyraharp Guitar.

This version was designed in close collaboration with Echo Greywolf, the musician who now owns and plays it.

The Harp Guitar is played like a standard guitar, the harp guitarist can pluck the harp strings or let them ring along with the melody strings adding depth to the overall sound.

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  • Nina Link Reply

    Can you give me a rough price estimate for a harp guitar? They’re gorgeous!

    • admin Link Reply

      Hi Nina, Sorry but I no longer make this style of harp guitar (way too much work!) but I am building Dyer harp guitars that start around $3000 and you can see them at

      • Brandon Foy Link Reply

        If you are no longer making them, would you consider selling specs or plan?

        • Jim Worland Link Reply

          Sorry, but I don’t have any detailed plans. I made this guitar under a licensing agreement with William Eaton since he has coprwrited the Lyraharp design. He will provide you the plans for his version of this instrument but it’s more of an electric/acoustic and the structure is very different from mine.

          • Brandon Foy Link

            I just got your reply! Thank you for your response. I truly understand and truly believe it is a work of art and deserves to be in a museum. Hopefully one day I will be privileged to play it 😉 It has definitely made me a fan.

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