Gibson Style Harp Guitar

A modern custom Harp Guitar based on the Gibson Model U

The Gibson model U harp guitar was a fairly popular harp guitar when they were made between the 1890’s and the 1930’s. They are big and heavy and are not as popular among harp guitarists today as the Dyer style.

My version of the Gisbon model U is built like a modern flat top guitar with braced top and back rather than the carved arch top and back of the originals. This gives it a sound more like a flat top guitar that most people are used to. It also makes for a lighter more responsive instrument. The body is scaled down to make it less cumbersome to hold.

The top of this particular example is cedar, back and sides are curly walnut with curly maple binding. The necks are made from mahogany with ebony fittings. It has 6 sub basses tuned with geared banjo tuners.

If you are interested in commisioning a harp guitar please let me know and we can discuss tunings, woods, inlay. etc. Every one is unique and built to custom order. If you would like more information feel free to contact me.

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