Custom Guitar Prices & Options

Pricing of the guitars varies depending on sizes, features, woods, hardware, inlays, etc.  The starting prices below are for the basic guitar features and options.

The Prairie is a Luthier made acoustic guitar that I build with the same high grade materials and craftsmanship of the custom acoustic guitars. Available in cedar or spruce top.
Orchestra (OM) / 000
The OM is a totally custom acoustic guitar. You choose combination of woods, inlays, trims, etc.
Starting at $3850
The Jumbo is my version of the Gibson Jumbo – this is another completely custom acoustic guitar.
Starting at $3850
Harp Guitars
There are a lot of price factors for harpguitars – please see my custom harp guitar page for more details.
Starting at $6000


There are a great variety of tone woods available today. Any combination of woods will make a great sounding guitar but different woods will affect the sound in subtle, sometimes profound ways. I am always open to using unique woods as well as wood supplied by the customer.

Top Woods

The top wood has the greatest effect on sound and playability. Stiffer woods like spruce will tend to sound brighter but take more effort to play. Cedar is softer and mellower. For more information on the various top woods available click on the tops link.

Back and Side Woods

Back and side wood can be made from just about anything and has a secondary affect on tone. Heavier woods like rosewood are more bass-ey while lighter woods like mahogany have a lighter, more airy sound. Walnut and koa are in between the two. Maple tends to sound bright. For more information on the various back woods available click on the backs and sides link.

Custom Binding Material

For my standard binding I use either curly maple or Indian rosewood. A custom material like koa or Brazilian rosewood is available for an additional price.

Guitar Sizes
Currently there are 2 basic guitar sizes to choose from: OM/000, and Jumbo . Both sizes are the same base price and the following options can be applied to both of them.

Custom Guitar Options Gallery

If there is anything custom that is not listed here, just ask and I can quote you a price.