Custom Guitar Options

In addition to the standard features, Here are the various options available for Worland Custom Acoustic Guitars:


Currently there are 2 basic sizes to choose from: OM/000, and Jumbo . Both sizes are the same base price and the following options can be applied to both of them.

Custom Shape

In addition to my standard models I can also build custom shapes such as parlor, 00, vintage Gibson, or any other custom shape that you might want.


There are a great variety of tone woods available today. Any combination of woods will make a great sounding guitar but different woods will affect the sound in subtle, sometimes profound ways. I am always open to using unique woods as well as wood supplied by the customer.


The top wood has the greatest effect on sound and playability. Stiffer woods like spruce will tend to sound brighter but take more effort to play. Cedar is softer and mellower. For more information on the various top woods available click on the tops link.

Backs and Sides

Back and side wood can be made from just about anything and has a secondary affect on tone. Heavier woods like rosewood are more bass-ey while lighter woods like mahogany have a lighter, more airy sound. Walnut and koa are in between the two. Maple tends to sound bright. For more information on the various back woods available click on the backs and sides link.

Custom Binding Material

For my standard binding I use either curly maple or Indian rosewood. A custom material like koa or Brazilian rosewood is available for an additional price.

Vintage Red Purfling

For that vintage look a red purfling line adds interesting character.

MOP or Abalone Rosette

A mother of pearl or abalone rosette adds some sparkle to the top and can also be used as purfling around the top edge for a really spectacular look.

Abalone Purfling

To really add sparkle and a custom look nothing beats the look of abalone around the top.

Beveled Amrest

For added comfort, a Grit Laskin style beveled armrest really helps with your picking hand.

Wedge Shaped Body

A wedge shaped body, called the Manzer Wedge, is thinner at the top and fatter at the bottom which places the guitar more comfortably on your body. This really helps if you have hand or arm pain when you play.

12 String

Twelve string versions can be made of any model. The scale length can be shortened slightly to accommodate concert pitch tuning without putting undue stress on the top.

Rounded Cutaway

A cutaway top allows access to the higher frets while affect on tone is minimal.

Sharp Cutaway

A sharp cutaway is also available.

Slotted Peg Head

Slotted peg heads look nice on vintage style instruments or to give your guitar a more traditional look.

Custom Tuners

For custom tuning machines I charge only for the price of the machines themselves. I can use what ever machines you prefer.

Gold Tuners

Gold tuners dress up a guitar and look especially nice with ebony buttons.

Bound Fingerboard and Peg Head

Adding binding to the fingerboard and peghead dresses the guitar up. It usually looks best if it matches the body binding for a more cohesive look.

Custom Neck Profile

If there is a particular neck shape that is comfortable to you I can duplicate it as closely as possible. Measurements or templates can be made from an existing neck or just a good description of how it feels may be enough.

Clear Mylar Pick Guard

A clear mylar pick guard protects the top with a minimum of affect on the tone and look of the guitar.

Fingerboad Markers

For a traditional look, slotted diamonds and squares are popular. Simple dots and snowflake inlay are also options.

Custom Fingerboard Markers

If there is something custom you would like on the finger board you can either send a photo or I can sketch something up.

D-45 Torch Peg Head Inlay

The traditional torch inlay was used on Martin D-45’s and can be put on either a slotted or solid peg head.

Custom Peg Head Inlay

To really give the guitar a custom look, a hand cut inlay on the peg head will make your guitar truly unique. You can either send a picture, a rough sketch, or just give me some idea of what you want. I can draw up an example of how it will look and we can take it from there.

Other Options

The harp guitar featured here includes just about every option I offer and is a good example of a highly customized instrument designed in close collaboration with the customer.

If there is anything custom that is not listed here, just ask and I can quote you a price.