Prairie Model

praire-guitar-profileWhen I set out to design the Prairie model, I decided to put all of my labor and expertise together with the finest materials into what matters most in a guitar: the sound and playability.

This is my answer to the many players who have asked me if I can build a high quality, great sounding guitar that a working musician can actually afford.

The Prairie model is built from the same high grade materials with the finest craftsmanship and attention I give to all of my high end custom guitars. The sound is clear and open and the action and playability are as fine as what you would expect in a guitar hand built by a skilled luthier.

Built here in the Midwest and rooted in the Prairie spirit, the design is kept simple and austere with minimal decoration. My resources are focused on less glamorous things like internal bracing and top thickness which gives these guitars their open bell like sound and responsiveness.

The shape is based on the OM, perhaps the most versatile steel string body shape ever developed. Comfortable to hold and play, producing an even balanced tone, the OM is the preferred guitar for finger-style playing but works equally well for flat-picking.

In keeping with the functionality, the guitar is finished in a thin satin lacquer which allows the wood to vibrate unrestricted, further opening up the sound.

To keep these guitars readily available and in stock for immediate shipment I offer only one option, your choice of cedar or spruce top. But if you would like a pickup or pick-guard installed I would be happy to do it. Every guitar comes shipped to your door in a hardshell case.

If you would like more information or if you would like to place an order, feel free to contact me.