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Mahogany is a light weight wood giving the guitar a light airy sound, emphasizing the mid and treble ranges.

East Indian rosewood

Rosewood is common on higher end guitars but I offer it as standard. It is a heavy wood reinforcing the bass, providing more sustain and lending a darker sound.


Walnut, while not a traditional wood is gaining in popularity. Acoustically it fits in between rosewood and mahogany and has a rich brown color with plenty of curly figure.


Koa, grown on plantations in Hawaii is a gorgeous wood prized for its curly figure great acoustic sound. Similar in weight to walnut, acoustically it fits in between rosewood and mahogany.


Cocobolo is a member of the rosewood family. Denser than East Indian rosewood, it makes for a heavy guitar with plenty of sustain and emphasizing the darker bass sound of rosewood. It has an intense bright red orange color.


Myrtle or laurel is a west coast wood, light in color and fairly bright in sound. Usually contains a curly figure with a unique look.

Curly Maple

Maple has a bright sound as well as a curly tiger stripe figure that is really dazzling.

There are many other exotic woods available and I am open to using any of them. If there is something you are interested in feel free to inquire.


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