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Classic steel Guitar.

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This is an example of a steel string guitar styled in the classical Spanish style. It uses light gauge steel strings but has the look and feel of a classical. Perfect for a classical player who is looking for a steel string sound in a familiar feeling guitar. Some comments from the customer:

Aloha Jim--

My classical steel guitar arrived late Wednesday evening. In hope it showed well for you at Healdsburg. As with the guitars you built for me earlier, I am very pleased with this one. Thanks for selecting a stiff Englemann top. With the rosewood back/sides, this guitar has the sound I had been hoping for. The wide neck feels very comfortable and the guitar is a visual gem -- love that traditional classical look. I'm sure going to have fun with this one.

I could well have spent an eternity in local guitar shops and not have found any of the custom beauties that you built for me. If I'm looking for a particular "voice", I now have it within arms reach. A few years ago, I would never have imagined my new-found fortune. I feel a little guilty in this regard, but I know that any one of my Worland guitars will bring much joy to others many generations from now. It's been a pleasure collaborating with you over the course of my four custom guitars and I certainly learned a lot in the process. To anyone looking for a unique combination of features or qualities in a guitar, whether it be tonewood combination, sound or dimensions, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a custom builder like yourself. Again, thank you very much for your masterful works and I wish you continued success in your luthierie endeavors. Take care.




Indian rosewood back and sides.



Englemann spruce top with curly maple binding and tradtional Spanish rosette



Traditional classical headstock with steel strings tuners


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