Model: Jumbo

Top: Englemann Spruce

Back & sides: Black Acacia

Other features:

Brazilian rosewood binding with herringbone purfling

Customer designed headstock and fingerboard inlay

Black pickguard

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)




Customer comments:

Dear Jim: My new Worland Guitar is fabulous! It's literally a dream come true! In fact, it's hard to begin to tell you how thrilled I am. It arrived Friday at 6 pm, and I was so tired from the work week, plus having to do chores to prepare for family arriving Saturday that I decided not to open the box that night. But then I awakened at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep, knowing my Worland was out in the living room waiting for me! Finally, I got back to sleep at about 5 and overslept to almost 8! Look what you've done to me already!

Saturday morning, after a couple of cups of coffee I got up the nerve to open the box. I have to confess, I was a bundle of nerves. Wow! Unbelievable! I don't think I've ever been in the same room with a guitar so beautiful, let alone in the same room and able to play it, and even call it my own! The craftsmanship is outstanding. The beauty incredible!

I am just amazed at this guitar's beauty -- the Black Acacia is the most gorgeous wood I've ever seen. How can I even describe it -- perhaps like a lightly rose-colored Pecan? It's even more beautiful than Koa. The figure and depth are amazing. My wife, who is an interior designer, immediately said, I'd like to have some furniture in that wood (yikes, hope I don't have to buy any)! The Brazilian rosewood binding with the black acacia is a perfect fit and simply gorgeous. The herringbone purfling surprised me. First, it's so elegant against the light colored Engelmann spruce top, but also the arrows seem to have a rich amber color that perfectly complements both the spruce and acacia. And the rosette! It's the best rosette I've ever seen! The center herringbone ring surrounded by two Brazilian rosewood rings is a classic of understated beauty. It really is the best rosette design I have ever seen on any guitar. Intricate, rich and lovely without being over the top.
Thanks for your outstanding work here!

And how did you get the mahogany neck so perfectly matched to the acacia? It almost looks as if the neck and body are the same wood. And I love your signature narrow headstock with the very slightly pointed top. So many guitars have large, horsy headstocks. Yours is understated and refined. The ebony bridge, fingerboard, headstock and tuners -- all classic, rich, and elegant. And your custom-designed abalone inlays on the headstock are just so cool! And I love your custom "diamonds and squares" abalone inlay pattern on the fingerboard. They really stand out and make a statement, but again, an understatement of classic beauty, not gaudy or over the top! All in all, this Worland guitar is a classic beauty! The kind of guitar that would be "locked up behind glass" at your better guitar store with a huge price tag!

And the tone. My, goodness! It just blows away my factory-made guitars. It has such great balance and clarity. It has amazing projection. And I think I'm hearing those bell-like tones that everybody talks about for the very first time. It just rings out! Now I understand! I love the sound and I know it's just going to get better year by year as the Engelmann spruce opens up.

The guitar is also wonderfully comfortable to hold and play. It's surprisingly light. The custom 15 1/2 inch lower bout on your small jumbo shape works perfectly for me (and I think the slightly narrower lower bout makes the guitar prettier -- like a pretty young woman with nice curves!) I love the compound radius neck that flattens out toward the sound hole. Already I've noticed that some difficult chords with which I previously had trouble producing a clear sound are as easy as butter with this neck. Already, you've made me a better player! The custom 45.5mm neck width has finally given me the room I need to prevent one finger from ruining the sound from another!

I could go on and on, but I still think I'm going to write another letter in a few weeks, so I'd better save something (what?). Anyway, feel free to use any of this that you want, even with selective editing --especially with selective editing, because I'm rambling I know!

The guitar is just so much fun to play and vastly better than any guitar I've ever played, even when I played the $3,500 Taylor at Guitar Center! What a wonderful thing to happen in my life. And working with you was a real pleasure these past 9 1/2 months. Thanks for all your patience. Thanks for answering a hundred questions and steering me toward the perfect guitar. And thanks, most of all, for building this gorgeous masterpiece guitar with such a beautiful sound! It's a dream come true. And it'll provide a lifetime of enjoyment!

Warmest regards,


Dick S.

Worland Guitars - 810 North First Street - Rockford, IL 61107 - 815.961.8854

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