Model: 00

Top: Italian Spruce

Back & sides: Brazilian Rosewood

Other features:

Brazilian rosewood binding with curly maple purfling

Torch headstock inlay

Customer designed fingerboard inlay

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)








Customer comments:

Hi Jim,

I'm really enjoying my little 00. Here's that report I promised you -
sorry it took so long!

The first thing I noticed when I opened lifted my new Worland 00
12-fret out of its case, was how beautiful the finish and details were.
The finish is thin, very fine and mirror-like. The binding, purfling,
rosette, and inlays are all extremely well-executed and the edges of
the binding and the fingerboard are rounded over for comfort.

The action is easy all the way up the neck and does not feel tight even
with the 25.4" scale length. The neck profile is Jim's standard: a low
profile C-shape which is not too shallow, nor too full for my small

When I first struck a chord and played a few passages on my 00, the
tone was musical and pleasant to my ears and the intonation was spot
on. Over the next hour, I really put it through it's paces with both
fingerstyle and flatpicking. It just came to life in my hands! The bass
response became stronger, the midrange filled out, the trebles got
fatter, and the tone slowly became deeper and more complex.

The next day I changed the strings to my favorite brand which are a tad
heavier and then I played it for two hours. The tone and volume took
another leap forward. It is strong, warm, clear, balanced, loud all the
way up the neck, and does not loose volume with a capo. It does not
have any unpleasant wolf tones or strange overtones going on. I did not
want a lush guitar that is laden with overtones and Jim built it just
like I wanted with a strong fundamental and just the right amount of
overtones to give it depth and complexity. It has a very quick response
and does not require a hard attack to get the notes to sing out, and
yet it has lots of overhead.

I have played some fine handbuilt guitars that demand perfect technique
because they make every little technical playing error sound glaring
obvious. Because I was taught proper technique from the beginning and
have played over thirty years, my technique is quite good, but still,
not perfect. Even though it has a quick response, my Worland is quite
forgiving of those minor errors and is user friendly.

This 00 was built for fingerstyle, but it sounds very nice for celtic
and old time flatpicking. Of course, it still sounds new, but I am
already very pleased with the tone and the response. This is proof to
me, that a really fine handbuilt guitar can sound wonderful and feel
right when it is just days old. It will only improve with age and
playing time.

Thanks, Jim, for building me a fine custom guitar that I will cherish
for my lifetime!

~ Cheryl W.

Worland Guitars - 810 North First Street - Rockford, IL 61107 - 815.961.8854

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