Model: Jumbo

Top: Redwood

Back & sides: Madagasscar rosewood

Other features:

curly maple binding

Gold tuners with ebony buttons

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)




Customer comments:


Hi Jim. The guitar arrived yesterday and your craftsmanship with my wood is exceptional! There is not a flaw to be found in the construction.

The tone of my guitar is terrific. I've always liked a heavy bass end, but this one is balanced, with just a touch of bass depth. I especially like the bell-like clarity of the treble strings and there's a touch of vibrato on a sustained note or chord. It's definitely a keeper, and I'll be giving my feedback on your website. I'll let the cost, however, be our secret. Thanks, Rick

PS: I met Tim O'Neill last weekend for a show-and-tell (you built a myrtlewood model for him) and he was like a proud papa, since he helped me pick out the wood for mine.



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