Model: OM

Top: Englemann spruce

Back & sides: Rosewood

Other features:

Curly maple binding

12 fret neck join

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)







Customer comments:

Hi Jim,

Well, I've had some time to get better acquainted with my guitar and have just posted this on Acoustic Guitar gear forum:

"I¹ve had my new Worland OM 12-fretter for a little over a week now, and I've got to say it's quite a wonderful guitar. Vital stats: Englemann over Indian, curly maple binding, 24.9 scale, 1.75 nut width, K&K Pure Western pickup. Because of some hand problems, I asked Jim to build me a guitar that's easy on the hands. He did just that. Carved the neck to my specifications. Voiced and braced it to sing pretty with light or
custom-light gauge strings. Used his usual move-the-bridge-south technique to achieve 12-fretness. It¹s a joy to play.

"In terms of tone, I asked Jim for something just a touch on the bright side with plenty of overtones, sustain and resonance. What I had in mind, put in terms of guitars we probably all are familiar with, is a "cross-breed" incorporating the "woodiness" of a Martin with a touch more brightness than usual and the brightness of a Taylor with more depth and soulfulness than usual. And something more responsive than both. That, too, is just what I got. This is a loud, rich-sounding guitar with an appealing blend of fundamental and overtones. As a bonus, I¹m quite amazed by the depth and power of the low-E string. Not overpowering, but impressive.

"The guitar is quite responsive. I've found that I use more force with both hands on guitars that are reticent, so I wanted something that would speak out proudly with a light touch. Again, right on target.

"I¹ve never played a Ryan, Olsen, Hoffman, Turner, Baranik, Kinnaird, et. al. But I can say that this guitar is comfortably in the company of my favorite guitars, including a Brook Torridge, Lowden O-32 and Martin SP00-16RST. In guitars of this quality, I believe there's no "best", just differences among equals. And, one week in, my Worland is among equals in the company of the best guitars I know. Thanks, Jim.

P.S. Oh yeah--delivered just a bit ahead of schedule and at a price that has to be among the best values in guitardom."

Needless to say, Jim, I'm quite pleased. Please feel free to use my comments as a testimonial.

Worland Guitars - 810 North First Street - Rockford, IL 61107 - 815.961.8854

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