Model: OM

Top: Western red cedar

Back & sides: Koa

Other features:

Curly maple binding

Snowflake fingerboard markers

13 fret neck join

Bound fingerboard & headstock

"Leaf" inlay on headstock

MOP rosette

Waverly tuners

Excellent guitar for fingerstyle!

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)


Customer comments:


The guitar is just beautiful and sounds great.
Body and neck (I was worried that I didn't give enough input here) fit me like a glove.
There's a lot of discovering to do, but, first off, I really appreciate the level of your work-finish, construction, and all the little refinements I'm noticing: scarf-jointed neck, binding & purfling, bridge design, end graft...I know you've gone the extra mile.
I tuned it to DADGAD, my favorite tuning. The notes just rang out. I know what you meant by responsive.
It's louder than my other guitar (which I thought was loud), and the notes are even, clear, and yet complex with overtones. Just what I was hoping for. Oh, and it makes me play better, too!

Thanks again,
Jim D

Worland Guitars - 810 North First Street - Rockford, IL 61107 - 815.961.8854

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