Model: Classic Steel 12 string

Top: Englemann spruce

Back & sides: Koa

Other features:

Short (24.62") scale

Rosewood binding

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)


Customer comments:

The guitar:
I am very pleased.
I am very impressed with your craftsmanship. The assembly, gluing, and finish work is impeccable.
The woods are gorgeous. The koa is beautiful. I like the koa on the headstock. I don't know if that is standard procedure or not, but it sure is a nice touch.
The guitar has a very pleasing tone to my ears. I am most particular about the treble sound, and this guitar has a sweet treble. The treble is also very responsive. I am very pleased with that. None of my other 12 strings are sensitive to a light touch, or worth a dang for hammers and pull-offs (they do them, but it is work, and the hammers don't ring). This guitar is as sensitive to string work as my classical. Pretty impressive, and fun to play. The sustain is also wonderful.

I am impressed and pleased. Heck of a nice job, Jim! -Paul

Worland Guitars - 810 North First Street - Rockford, IL 61107 - 815.961.8854

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