Model: OM

Top: Adirondack spruce

Back & sides: Rosewood

Other features:

Dot fingerboard markers

Curly maple binding

12 fret neck join

Availability: Sold (but a new one can be custom built in 6-9 months)


Customer comments:


Forgive me for not writing sooner. I have been busy playing guitar!! I owe you a great deal of thanks for your time, dedication, and skill. I am truly pleased with my guitar. In fact, my custom Martin's place as #1 is in serious jeopardy!! I look forward to playing for folks on it, although I don't have any performances lined up yet.

I'm glad if my review generated some interest. I look forward to the day when Worlands are mentioned in the same breath with Olsons, Ryans, etc., and I can say I got the first OM!! Seriously, I hope you have success as a luthier, and that you are soon able to command the big bucks. I will certainly refer folks to you. Who knows? Maybe my wife will let me get another guitar one day!!

Thanks again for your work. It has really been a pleasure. -Shannon

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